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Our Services

We offer professional guidance in various aspects of investment like equity, debt, and mutual fund etc. We are associated with leading asset management companies and stock broker to offer professional and personalised service.Opportunities are recommended based on investment objective of the client.


We are associated with one of the leading brands in the financial services sector. Our recommendations are based on fundamental research infused with technical analysis to fine tune the entry and exit timings. The recommendations are backed with regular updates .


Mutual Fund

We actively track and research equity and debt schemes across various parameters and time frames.There are 44 numbers of AMCs with over 11,000 schemes across various categories in India, and growing.



We offer various types of debt instruments to suit your requirement. We have an active debt desk with access to Bonds through Secondary, Primary Markets and various debt schemes through Mutual Funds. Debt Schemes offered in the Mutual Fund space are thoroughly researched based on risk, duration etc.


About Us

“Investment plays a vital role in life. If not done properly, investment can end up destroying our hard earned money and other property. This is here only a well equipped and professional investment guide can help you.”

Our Mission

To help clients unlock their financial abundance, through prudent investments in appropriate financial products with the help of quality research.

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Nitten S Bihani


Samrridhi Finvest
Room No. 2B, 2nd Floor,
New B.K. Market
16A, Shakespeare Sarani,
Kolkata – 700071

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+91 33 2282 1275 / 4006 7968
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